I've received a code. What do I do now?

Go to our Alumni page and enter the code in the coupon code field and press Apply.

I've donated before Oct. 20. Where do I get my lifetime code?

Please go to the Discord Chats and message either @Cryptophunk or @Ryan from Kansas or fill out the form here.

How do I listen do the Black Budget Episodes

During Website Developments

For now we will be using the old RSS until we switch over our podcasting hosting soon.

Please visit our Member Signup page or Login to view the Black Budget RSS Feed.


The native Podcasts app for iOS (step by step instructions)

The backup recommendation would be the Downcast App, or pulling up the GrimWorks website in your mobile browser.

Android devices:

There are several free apps that work great.

Podcast Addict: (step by step instructions) Coming Soon

Beyond Pod:  (step by step instructions) Coming Soon

Windows phones/Zune

The Black Budget Feed is compatible with the Zune Marketplace. Just subscribe manually with the feed URL:www.grimworks.grimerica.ca/feed/bbsf and insert your username and password.

Itunes for PC or Mac

The method will vary based on your version of iTunes and your operating system. First I would click File->Subscribe to Podcast... and try inserting the feed URL https://www.www.grimworks.grimerica.ca/feed/bbsf and a box should pop up for your username and password.

If not, try inserting the URL with your username and password embedded with it in this format: https://USERNAME:PASSWORD@www.grimworks.grimerica.ca/feed/bbsf

-Other options: If you have another app you'd like to use, subscribe to the feed manually 1 of 2 ways

  1. Insert the feed URL:www.grimworks.grimerica.ca/feed/bbsf followed by your username and password.
  2. If you can't find a place to insert your username and password, then try embedding them in the feed URL in this format: https://USERNAME:PASSWORD@www.grimworks.grimerica.ca/feed/bbsf

*The GrimWorks website is also optimized for streaming or you can download any episode by clicking and holding on the "download" link and clicking "Save as.."

How can I change my password, update my payment information, or cancel my subscription?

I need some help or I've found a bug. How do I get in contact with tech support?

We will be setting up a support desk soon. You can go to the Discord Chats and message @Cryptophunk for one on one support or checkout the troubleshooting forums and make a post there.