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    Stay tuned to hear about crazy times ahead.


    St Pauli

    Crazy you say? just HOW crazy we talkin?



    Jackie Chan landslides the election away from Trump crazy. With a side of ‘On the Libertarian ticket.’


    St Pauli

    Dayum, dat shit be crazy.



    The Too-Loose Steering Committee is still working on the dates of the next CAC, although the weekend is nailed down as the Canada Victoria Day weekend, we think. Our location search for the moment is concentrated on the southwest corner of Colorado, trying to stay close to the Four Corners area and that little thing they call the Grand Canyon. We may have a special guest with us on this venture. More to come.



    Grimerica Contact At the Cabin 2019 with Randall Carlson


    Elk Lake Lodge – Pagosa Springs, Co

    Private 122 acres with three sides boarding National Forest. Twenty minutes from town.

    Elk Lake Lodge offers various degrees of accommodations, from camping, to a limited number of private rooms.

    We have places for 75 people over the course of back to back weekends.

    Randall Carlson will be occupying one of those rooms during CAC this year.

    He will be doing three tours* to locations in the area during 10 days of Grimerican fun.

    Since he’s right there, Randall will give three formal talks as well, but how formal can one be in a cosy cabin setting?

    Each morning breakfast will be provided and lunch will be available either at the cabin or on tour with Randall.

    Dinner is up to the Grimericans to prepare in the double kitchen or dine out.

    Since an outing like this would run you into the I don’t knows, even if you could get your ‘go-to-guy’ to bunk in a house with you, this year the Grimerica Empty Seat Steering Committee is offering up slices of Randall, metaphorically speaking, of course.

    Do not panic. Each serving of Randall will be a full two day Grimerica CAC retreat. Even better, the last slice is three full days. Rest assured that each precious slice contains one of Randall’s as of late, rare outings, and these aren’t skimpy slices folks. They are robust masses of dot connecting wizardry surrounded by nights on all sides, filled with majestic voids and crowned with cool star sprinkled Colorado clear. And if that’s not enough, each will be slowly Toasted around the open fire under the stars. Yes, it is indeed, Happening.

    Take your pick(s)*:

    May 17th – 20th Code: 123 you can’t see me.

    May 20th – 23rd Code: 58 silly dates

    May 23rd – 27th Code: 13 heroic hits

    Breakdown: Fri. 17th Travel Day (TD) 123 you can’t see me arrives, checking in at 4:00 PM No Dinner*

    Sat. 18th Somewhere* with Randall. Breakfast/Lunch provided.

    Sun. 19th Somewhere with Randall. Breakfast/Lunch provided.

    Mon. 20th TD – 123 you can’t see me departs by 10:00 AM 58 silly dates arrives at 4:00 PM No Dinner*

    Tue. 21st Somewhere with Randall. Breakfast/Lunch provided.

    Wed. 22nd Somewhere with Randall. Breakfast/Lunch provided.

    Thur. 23rd TD – 58 silly dates departs by 10:00 AM 13 days of sun arrives at 4:00 PM No Dinner*

    Fri. 24th Somewhere with Randall. Breakfast/Lunch provided.
    Sat. 25th Somewhere with Randall. Breakfast/Lunch provided.

    Sun. 26th Somewhere with Randall. Breakfast/Lunch provided.

    Mon. 27th TD – by 10:00 AM – The first one gone, on time, is my hero, and gets the other prize.

    Single in a Private Space $750 (Additional person – $500)
    Bunk Room Singles $650
    Pullouts $600 (Additional person – $500) Sofa dependent
    Tent/Person* $500

    * 25 person limit on each of the three Randall Carlson tours. Transportation is provided.
    * First come first serve.
    * Arrivals are responsible for TD dinner. We can coordinate and provide for additional loving.
    * Each Code participates in one Tour and one Talk
    * Breakfast for the out bound.
    * Tents have access to all house amenities

    For reservations and more information Contact Camlin [SURPRISE] by email: cac2019@hdtravels.me

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