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    Hey folks

    If anyone has managed to get GW onto their BeyondPod I would appreciate some help

    Neither of the following steps from the FAQ have worked for me…

    Insert the feed followed by your username and password.
    If you can’t find a place to insert your username and password, then try embedding them in the feed URL in this format:

    Thanks in advance guys.



    The old RSS link is the one still in use at the moment.
    “During Website Developments
    For now we will be using the old RSS until we switch over our podcasting hosting soon.

    Please visit our Member Signup page or Login to view the Black Budget RSS Feed.”

    When you go to the Black Budget RSS Feed page you’ll see a link that say “OLD RSS Link”. That’s what you’re looking for. When the new site switches over we will give everyone an email and leave instructions on the old RSS feed on how to login.

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    Thank you Cryptophunk, this worked a treat!

    Much obliged

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