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    Hey I wanted to share with you guys a technique for creating Anchor Resource States that you can access at any time. Later I will share with you how to collapse negative resource states with a collapsing anchor. These techniques and more can by found in the book Transformational NLP by Cissi Williams.

    Exercise for Creating Anchor Resource States
    If you are doing this exercise on yourself repeat the following.

    “When I do processes on myself I imagine I have a little Angel Coach sitting on my shoulder, saying the script to me, so I follow her instructions. Therefore I will use the word “you” instead of “I”.

    1. Say: “Which positive, wonderful resources would it be useful for you to have? Make a list of of them such as feeling totally loved, totally happy, totally energized and so on. Then think now of the first resource.”

    2 Say: “Can you remember a time when your felt this _______? [Specific Positive Resource] A specific time? [think of a specific time] Now float back to that time, float inside your body, see what you saw, hear what your heard, notice what you noticed and really feel those feelings of ______. [Specific Positive Resource] As soon as you feel those feelings arise inside your body, squeeze your right thumb and right index finger together, creating an anchor. Keep those fingers squeezed. Now double that feeling, Make it 10 times as strong. Make it 100 times as strong. Make it 1000 times as strong. As soon as the feelings subside, release your anchor, stop squeezing your right thumb and right index finger.”

    Repeat step 2 for each Positive Resource you would like to anchor. Remember these resources can be stacked on the anchor.

    3 Say: “We are also going to anchor with the Unconscious Mind, so now ask your Unconscious Mind to provide you with all of the resources it feels you need that would be most suitable for you. Your Unconscious Mind is very wise and it knows exactly what it is you need. Just allow these resources to come up inside your body and mind now. As soon as you feel the resources come up within you – as a rush of positive feelings and energy flowing into your – squeeze your thumb and index finger together. Now double that feeling, make it 10 times as strong, make it 100 times as strong, 1000 and a million times as strong. Release the thumb and index finger as soon as you feel the state come off.”

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