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    Hello all.

    Any other Leftists here? Socialists, Marxists, Communists, and those of us who don’t really fit into an “ideology” but have a critical view of the world?

    Now, I know your initial reaction is to dismiss this (“Socialism has never werked!! LOL OMG PWND, Free Market 4 Ever”), but take a step back and consider where show topics and leftist critical analysis overlap:

    – Mainstream Media is nothing but corporate propaganda.
    – A small group of elites are enforcing their agenda by co-opting the governments and monetary systems of the world.
    – Any dissent to the dominant paradigm is dismissed as “crackpot” and ignored.
    – This small group of elites are working to restrict freedoms of the masses while consolidating their own power and ensuring that it is propagated down through future generations.
    – The “System” as it now works is fueled by a constant need for more War and resources in a never-ending cycle of suffering.
    – Financial greed and short-term gain of the elites trumps human dignity.

    To clarify, I’m not an all-in Marxist. I think there is a more spiritual, intangible connection between everything that is dismissed by both the MSM and Marxists. I also don’t really see any “fix-all solutions” offered that can be successfully implemented in our current society. But I am drawn to the breakdown of society and economics offered by Leftists and find it gives a fascinating critique of the current state of affairs.

    Just a few thoughts. Since everyone here is voluntarily supporting a show that actively cultivates a community of people who think outside the box, I thought I might chime in to see if there is anyone else interested in general Leftist topics.

    Take care Comrades!



    There is a lot of good critizims that come from the left about our current economic system. The unfortunate part is it leads us to the same place facism does. Socialism, communism, and democratic forms of government all require threats of violence and coercion to be able to do what they do. None of us voluntarly agreed to this system.

    You mentioned government was co-opted. It wasn’t. It’s purpose was govern the mind (govern= to govern) (Mente=the mind).

    We we come in voluntary community like Grimerica good things happen. People feel connected to their actions.

    Spirituality speaking the universe manifests itself through the individual. That is why it is the individual action we need to protect. Spiritual anarchism is the realization that no one person has more rights than another and that true will is the divinity of the individual. If the individual is no longer able to choose then the universe is no longer able to choose.



    That being said we need to transition to a closed loop post scarcity economic system. Currently our current form of capatalism endeavours is a generating function of existential risk. We need to figure out a way to make the wasteful output to become the resourceful input so we have a closed loop contained resource system of economics. Buy/Sell orders need to be filled by a computer that will calculate economic and environmental costs and provide alternative orders.



    I myself resently became a minimalist, for several reasons including the fact that I want to be a good example to my fellow travelers, my goal is to have everything I own fit on my motorcycle and be as free as possible. Don’t ignore the system but don’t feed it needlessly either, I still need gas for my bike but the less I use the less I’m feeding the corporate machine. For the government is just a cover for corporate control of everything
    As an example, if the Canadian government was to build a refinery in Alberta make gas from the tar sands and sell it through Petro Canada gas stations and use the revenue to build roads I’d be happy to buy gas from them. Keep thinking local. Government can work for the people but the corporation’s have all the money to bribe and appoint who ever they want to power

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