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    I want to share this story with as many like minded people as possible, and would appreciate any feedback from the community… About six years ago I was a poor 20 year old living in my uncle’s camper just trying to get by. One day I was somking some weed I got for free chilling in the camper trailer, a normal day for me. The wind was strong that day and would blow the door open and as I stepped out of the trailer the door slipped out of my hand swinging open then somehow blew back towards me hitting me in the tempel and knocking me out cold.
    Next thing I remember is being in a thick pink fog with three of my dad’s close friends infront of me, I knew that they were not my father’s friends tho they were beings form another realm and had desgised themselves as not to scare me.
    They explained my place in the world, told me not to give up on life and even told me details about my own future.
    They also told me that in about five years weed would be legal in Canada, only reason they told me this is so I would remember the experience and my personal feeling is that they wanted me to reamber them five years later, I woke up on the ground shaking feeling like a lot of time had past

    Fast forward to five years later last October. I had been having supernatural things happen in my current apartment. I come home one night I believe the 6th and was a little high but not impaired, so I put a pot of grees on the gas stove to make french fries. I’d been smoking tabacco with my weed so I went and had a quick tabacco hit in my bong cuz I was out of weed. For some reason I passed out and woke up to my fire alarm, the pot of grees had cought fire a 3ft flame was out of control.
    I don’t know why but I went grabbed the pan got it on the floor and put it out. The fire had spread to the stove and fan above it but I got that put out too.. I then called the firer department my landlord was the dispatcher at the time and lives around the corner so she got there first. As the firefighters rolled up she says “Bradley your hands I’m taking you to the hospital” I hadn’t even noticed that my hands had severe burns. As a musician I was freaking out as I went to the hospital..

    I stayed in the hospital for 13 days. I had a feeling that this was a sign and during that time made personal goals and promised myself that I would be the best I can be, and be kinder to my father..

    I had my cellphone and free wifi at the hospital so I started watching podcasts, I found Joe Rogan before the fire but hadn’t watched much. Doncan Trussell interviews where the first ones I watched in the hospital, that lead me go his podcast Ram Dass and more! I soon found TFH Wich lead me to THC and Grimarica!

    I am an avid reader and live next door to the library, so I was soon reading Be Hear Now, the Bactgavita and just started listening to the vaddas on YouTube all the wile wounding if the three beings I spoke with almost six years ago now knew I would find my spiritual path at the same time weed was legalized…

    I haven’t touched tabacco in 6 months never will again. and I stopped smoking weed, I now believe weed is a spiritual tool to be used with respect. I might eat a cookie someday, if the time is right. Thanks for reading my long ass story, I’m sure I forgot to mention something so ask any questions you like. Even if you think I’m crazy, much love Bradley

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