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    Nice to see Richard Dolan acknowledging the inconvenient undeniability of Dr Judy Wood’s work looking at the actual evidence of what happened on 911, by having Andrew Johnson on for a chat. Bit sad to see I can only catch the second hour of the chat on Dolan’s THC/Crrow777 -style subscription site, but hey, you can’t always get *everything* you want! Here’s the chat with Andrew Johnson:

    And, more importantly, for anyone who’s not already familiar with Dr Wood’s work (& I’d argue her book “Where Did The Towers Go?” is one of the most important so far this century), here is imho the best video presentation I’ve seen her do:

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    yeah Wood is great! Present the evidence is all shes doing. Its a little far fetched at first until you actually take a look at all her great work and “evidence”



    Very cool stuff. I was blown away (no pun intended) when I first heard that energy weapons where the cause of 9/11.

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