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    Hello all, I guess my donate went through… It’s sometime listener, and never (until now) donater, Baron HeyIdiot here.

    So I was listening to the John C. Dvorak episode describing the Value For Value model, and feeling a little guilty for never donating… and then I was listening to the Void Zero ep. and feeling guiltier… and THEN I was scrolling back though the other episodes in my podcast app and somehow hit a Randal Carlson episode I hadn’t heard yet… whoops, lo and behold I was told flat-out that I was STEALING it! “How did it get onto my player?”, says I… it’s a Black Budget bonus episode. Something f-ed up in the Player FM app, I suppose.

    So I guilted myself into coming here and donating… and discovered that my all time favorite countdown donation amount was a featured thing. So here I am.

    Good to be here!




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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