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    Ayy Sama

    For me it must have been a few years back, maybe 2014, while searching for interviews of some researchers and ended up on YouTube watching a bootleg upload of Grimerica episode. Can’t think of which one.

    I’m interested in everything from history, philosophy, meaning of life, occultism, technology, politics and whatever new thing I bump into – which is kind of a problem as it means I have no deep knowledge of anything. “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.” Rabbit holes are endless. This day and age when I hear someone is bored, I can’t deal with it.

    Haven’t been emailing the show or spamming in social media but I’ve kicked around a few dollers here and there during the years. Might or might not share some stories here or on the Discord server. It’s has been a good platform to peek behind the scenes and get your silly banter on. It’s also been great to see a lot of like-minded people, both podcasters and audiences, come together during past years and starting to build their own platforms and communities.

    Still have my ‘Take the shot’ T-shirt which is quite worn out by now.



    My older brother who is lazerpigfabrication told me about the podcast and I listened to one at first and I wasn’t really to interested it seemed like a simple question and answer but alittle while later I gave it another shot and I listened to an episode about vaccainations and it really got me thinking hard on what’s going on I was totally pro vaccine but after that episode which was great by the way I did my research just as they suggested and I figured I would just prove myself but instead I was shown a whole new schedule for vaccines and how there combining and looked into the metal contents vs weights and it was crazy and since then I’ve been an avid listener and I like the opening that I receive you guys talk on some topics I know nothing about and some that I do know about and it’s always great to learn about something new or to perhaps dive alittle deeper into something I thought I was well versed on anyways great show ??????????????


    St Pauli

    My first taste of Grimerica was after the swapcast with Greg @ THC. I used to listen to shitty commercial radio, then finally gave up last October. A friend of mine suggested podcasts, I started with The Hashtag Show ( a Scottish comedy podcast) then The Doug Stanhope podcast. I was then introduced to Those Conspiracy Guys and THC and eventually stumbled across Grimerica.
    And just for the record, If I saw a Sasquatch, I’d leave it be!!!!!!



    NoAgenda Stream



    First heard of the podcast via a shout out on the No Agenda show back before the new fangled show numbering system started.
    Thought I’d give it a listen. Been a listener ever since.
    Can’t remember which show I heard first as went through the back catalogue after that first listen.



    Gralien Report brought me here. The show at art was intriguing. There was something mystical about the whole thing. The audio transmission seemed otherworldly. Timeless.



    Guest spot on Lighting the Void. Someone dropped a link. Like a crow going after crumbs I followed. Dig whatcha all havta say. Thinking outside the box is the way to keep your mind fresh and not be stuck



    I think that the progression was mysterious universe -> gralien report -> grimerica. It must have been around 2012 (I think.) It was sometime after they started numbering shows but before show 100.

    Since then the boys have been at the top of my podcast rotation.

    Somewhere in there I noticed that there was an abandoned grimerica subreddit so I asked to become the admin and was granted that role. There’s not much activity there but I continue to update it every couple of weeks so that if anyone is searching for one of the guest names they’ll see “grimerica.”

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.



    i first found grimerica on soundcloud after i searched for conspiracies, in 2013 or 14 i believe. not sure which episode, but i think it dealt with meditation and spirituality. i was hooked with the long episodes and relaxed intros.

    i did stop listening for a year or two when i went back to listening to music, and when i started up again i had missed so much. still have a lot episodes i need to catch up on.



    I first heard about Grimerica when I was looking at starting my own podcasts about conspiracies and I wanted to know what the podcasting scene was like when it came to alt media. Before I only listened to podcasts that others would play at work like NPR and shit like that. I’m glad the podsphere is not just full of NPR shit.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find Grimerica as they are not physically far from me. This was a big motivation as it was a confirmation that people who are into this stuff are everywhere, not just the big cities.



    Well, it was the weird because I didn’t know Calgary even had crack houses. I’ve been looking for a good crack house ever since my granddad shut down shop. He used to fill cans with the best material. He’d record his crack sessions on an old real to real, talking about funny subjects and other crack-pot radio show programs.



    I also came across it on the NoAgenda Stream.



    I am pretty sure I came across Grimerica whilst listening to the Carlwood’s THC podcast.


    ryan from kansas

    It was sometime in late 2015 I was searching Spotify for paranormal podcasts. I got tired of all the bullshit on there and started digging and it was way down on the list and when I found it I stopped listening to every other podcast and just listened to a whole bunch of the back catalog for several weeks the whole time I was at work. I don’t think I started spamming Graham until late 2016. And I didn’t even join the chats until March of 2018 I think it was. I’ve been a steady listener since I found the podcast. Getting an update in my podcast player was the best part of my day at work most of the time.



    I found Grimerica on Instagram! I was looking at a Coast to Coast post and Grimerica made a comment. I wondered who or what Grimerica was? Clicked on the profile and boom podcast! Took a listen and subbed it immediately!

    I wished I saved that post. This was roughly 2-3 years ago.

    The intros got me hooked. The chemistry. The jingles. The guests.

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