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    I think it was a shout out by Carlwood. Grimerica has been my absolute favourite podcast since then in early 2016 I think. I love the intros and the Jingles and don’t just look forward to the interviews.



    I first bumped into Grimerica maybe around 2013 or 2014. I would have been 15 or 16 years old maybe even 14. I listened to one or two shows of Randal Carlson on the JRE and was wanting to look for more of him as well as Graham Hancock and I found an episode with you guys and I thought the show was amazing. Since then you guys have been one of my favourite podcasts ever. Definitely top two next to The DTFH, I love the range of topics you guys discuss and cover. I also really appreciate your kindness, and open mindedness to the guests on the show you never seem to shut any one down, or make fun of there ideas, I highly respect that. It’s also evident that you put a great deal of effort and care in to the podcast. I look up to you guys your doing important work making a positive impact on many people, shineing a light on truth and information that can really help humanity. No way to express how deep my gratitude goes. I can’t even count the amount of bursts of joy and excitement I’m recieved from listening to your show the biggest being the moment I Started to support the show I don’t think I’ll forget that moment only wish I did it sooner. On top of the bursts of joy I get, I also get flooded with some micro synchronitys and a few pretty big ones, which I will share soon and one continuous one your last episode with Greg relates to. I plan to hop aboard the ship and start one of my own podcasts it’s been a long while in the waiting. Keep up the good work thanks for every thing. Looking forward to stepping more into the community here as opposed to just listening to the show.



    Chains of causation are hard to analyze… everything flows. No one’s really to blame for anything, or maybe everyone is to blame for everything…? is a favorite “deep thought” place of mine to go, mostly reading and commenting since I didn’t think myself coherent enough to contribute. There was a post on there advertising /r/holofractal’s Slack chat as another place where open minded people could feel free to discuss things with deep implications. Someone there posted a link to a Grimerica episode, and I was pretty much hooked. Bonus points of course because I’m also from Canaderp, though I didn’t know you were Canadians going in.



    I first heard Grimerica on the No Agenda stream.?

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    Graham convinced me to listen to my first podcast, Mysterious Universe. I enjoyed them and Micah Hanks as well, nobody was doing it right though, so i convinced Graham to start a podcast…



    I started listening after your first visit to Tin Foil Hat. I find the real ness of your podcast to be genuine and the dynamics of both of your personalities.

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